How do I attach documents to a sponsor profile?

  1. Go to ‘Users’ -> ‘Sponsors’
  2. Find the attendee profile you want to edit by searching for their email/company name
  3. Click on the blue ‘Documents’ button corresponding to that profile
  4. To attach PDFs:
    1. Click on ‘Documents’
    2. Drop any PDFs you wish to attach (either individually or within a folder) into the ‘Select or Drop .. File or Folder’ box
    3. Click ‘Toggle Quick Edit’ to make any amendments to the Title or Description, then click ‘Save’ [NOTE: you can remove a document at any time by clicking ‘Delete’ while in this window]



  1. To attach videos:
    1. Click either ‘Youtube’ or ‘Vimeo’ (depending on which site the link is accessing)
    2. Copy/paste the link into the ‘Video ID’ field [NOTE: this will automatically shorten to the Video ID]
    3. Type the Title and (optionally) the Description into the fields provided
    4. Click ‘Add’



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