How do I display questions submitted via the app for a particular session or speaker?

  1. Go to ‘Tools’ -> ‘Live Q and A’
  2. Click on ‘Sessions’ or ‘Speakers’
  3. Type the name of the session or speaker in field(s) provided, and click on the eye symbol next to it [NOTE: if no questions have been submitted, no eye symbol will appear]
  4. Click the red ‘Approve’ button to the left of questions you wish to display (and click the blue ‘Approved’ button to left of any you wish to no longer display)
  5. Press the spacebar on your keyboard to bring up the Live Q&A display screen:
    1. Press ‘f’ on your keyboard to freeze the screen on the current question
    2. Press ‘u’ on your keyboard to unfreeze the screen and bring up the next question
    3. [NOTE: once you have gone through all the approve question, they will begin rotating through from the first one again]
    4. Press ‘esc’ or the spacebar to exit the display mode



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