How do I assign sessions to my users’ My Schedule tabs?

  1. Go to ‘Users’ -> ‘User Sessions’
  2. Click ‘Download Schedule Template’
  3. Open the downloaded spreadsheet, where you will see your users’ names and email addresses in the left-most columns, and the sessions listed along the top row [NOTE: the sessions will be listed as their ‘slug’, which is the line code by which they are stored within Flashboard]
  4. For each user, type y in the column of each session you want to assign to them
  5. In Flashboard, click ‘Assign Schedule’
  6. Click ‘Choose File For Import’, and select the filled-in template
  7. Click ‘Assign All Users’

[NOTE: if you have any issues with this, please do not hesitate to contact your App Success Manager for help]

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