How do I set up meetings between users?

  1. Go to ‘Users’ -> ‘Meeting Requests’
  2. Click ‘Download’, then click ‘Get Blank Template’
  3. Open the downloaded spreadsheet, where you will see several example entries (you can delete this data)
    1. Under ‘From Email’, enter the email addresses of the user requesting the meeting
    2. Under ‘To Email’, enter the email addresses of the user to whom the request is being made
    3. Under ‘Topic’ and ‘Location’, enter whatever information you deem appropriate
    4. Under “Start Time With Date’, enter the time and date for the meeting [NOTE: this must be entered in the format provided]
    5. Under ‘Duration’, enter the length of time in minutes the meeting is to last
    6. Under ‘Status’, enter either ‘pending’ (if you wish for the ‘To’ user to be given the choice to accept the meeting or not) or ‘accepted’ (if you wish for the meeting to be accepted automatically by both parties)
  4. Fill out a new line for each meeting you wish to assign
  5. In Flashboard, click ‘Import Meetings’
  6. Click ‘Choose File For Import’, and select the filled-in template
  7. Click ‘Import’

[NOTE: if you have any issues with this, please do not hesitate to contact your App Success Manager for help]

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