How do I download a web app for iPhone & iPad?

A web app is the same as an app which you download from the App Store or Google Play – except that you access it by going to a web address. You can find out more about web apps by clicking here.


1. Open the web app link in Safari to launch the app login screen:

(You can usually find the web app link on the event website)

2. Tap the share icon – you will find this in different locations depending on whether you are using an iPhone or iPad:






3. This will launch the following menu – click on ‘Add To Homescreen’:

4. After clicking this, you will be able to see the web app icon and title – click ‘Add’ in the top right hand corner to complete the process:


You will be automatically redirected to the homescreen where you will see the web app icon on your homescreen.

When you click the icon, the web app will launch and you can login to access the app. You will need to have registered for the app to access – click here to find out how to register for the app. 


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