How do I download a web app?

A web app is the same as an app which you download from the App Store or Google Play – except that you access it by going to a web address. You can find out more about web apps by clicking here.

A web app can be used on all mobile devices and desktop computers too. For the best web app experience, we recommend using Chrome.

You will have been sent an email with a link to the web app for your event. If you have not received this email, the event website is usually a good place to start as they will usually have a dedicated page with all the information you need about the event app.

Once you’ve accessed the web app link, you can add the app to your homescreen for easy access. For step by step guides on how to add a web app to your homescreen on different devices, click on the links below:



Our web apps are supported on the following devices and browsers:


  • iPhones & iPads using Safari or Chrome
  • Android phones and tablets using Chrome
  • Windows phones and tablets using Chrome
  • Desktop computers using Chrome


Once you’ve downloaded the app, you will need to register in order to gain access – click here for this tutorial.


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